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Youth at Work is an initiative of the Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County (WDC) that encompasses efforts to create summer and year-round employment opportunities for youth up to age 24 in our community. With employers, local government and community organizations as our partners, we can make these critical opportunities a reality. Youth at Work connects young adults under age 24 with employers looking for enthusiastic, hard-working young employees through summer jobs, internship opportunities, career fairs, job-search skills training and employment resources.

Youth at Work invites employers to explore mentoring, job shadowing, career talks, internships, and youth-focused career fairs as ways to have a big influence in the life of a young person. Employers can contact us for customized services and support in hiring youth.

Why Youth at Work?
Work opportunities are scarce. It’s harder than ever for young adults in Seattle-King County–and across the country–to get jobs.

Why does it matter?
Early work experience (and knowledge about resources) is key to a young person’s success later in life. Beyond occupational skills such as how to use a spreadsheet or a router, work teaches critical social skills such as reliability, respect, and reward for a job well done. It gives youth strong motivation to engage in school, graduate and chart a path to a career.

What’s in it for employers?
Young people make great employees: enthusiastic, energetic, and eager to learn. Moreover, it is rewarding. Think of what you learned from your first few jobs and bosses. Chances are you never forgot those lessons. Finally, it is to our advantage as individual employers and as an economy to make sure the next generation is prepared to step into our shoes.

As more baby boomers retire and the market gets tighter for employers, the companies that are youth friendly (and have offered opportunities for work, internships, and mentoring), will be the places that youth will look to find their careers. Building a stronger youth workforce will enable us to be more competitive globally.  If we do not provide youth opportunities to explore in-demand careers, companies will have to pull the talent from other countries where they are more willing to invest in the future by helping to develop their youth.

The WDC’s Youth initiatives increase youth employment and training opportunities by supporting programs that:

  • Provide in-depth services to 900 youth annually in partnership with King County Employment and Education Resources and Seattle Youth Employment Program. These include one-on-one and workshop modules for job search, online applications, resume development, interviewing skills and good work habits.
  • Sponsor Youth at Work Summer Internships, which have resulted in over 500 jobs or paid internships for youth in 2014 alone.
  • Support YouthSource, which serves over 1,000 youth annually as King County’s American Job Center.
  • Support Health Careers for Youth, which allows young people to earn college credit while still in high school and to prepare for employment in healthcare, while completing Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certificates.
  • Sponsor Youth at Work Career Fairs. Local youth and employers participated- resulting in at least 60 direct hires. WDC partners included JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, City of Seattle, King County, and the City of Issaquah.